Armand Marseille was one of the world's best-known biscuit doll head manufacturers.
He was born in 1856 in St. Petersburg, Russia, and immigrated to Germany with his family. In 1884 he acquired the Mathias Lambert toy factory in Sonneberg and in 1885 a porcelain factory in Koppelsdorf. . . his empire in the world of the doll began.

Armand Marseille gained fame with "My Dream Baby", the first baby's face and not a girl or a little girl.
These dolls had not only the bald head with a baby face but also the body. The legs and arms were bent like a baby. A big first!

Several "My Dream Baby" are born, including a beautiful oriental baby and a beautiful baby with black skin.

These dolls were so popular that the company made them until the 1930s. As with dolls, the appearance of these babies varied enormously depending on the painting, the type of body, the size of the eyes and the size of the doll, ranging from tiny babies to very large babies, often used as a shop window.

We offer reproductions of the Asian baby Armand Marseille in size 13.8" (35 cm)