2020 Xmas selection

You can find Xmas clothes that wear so well our Bleuette, Rosette et Loulotte® and our other dolls!

New Year's Eve selection 2020

A few party dresses are available to be the most beautiful doll!


Steiner Ref : STE20 - 35 cm - Yeux bleus - Décor inclus


Boudeur "Pouty" Ref : Bou28 - Yeux bleu-gris - Decor inclus


Louisa - Louisa41 - Blue eyes - Christmas outfit


Ensemble pour poupée 21-23cm - Taille Loulotte GR224


Lili - Lili30 - Blue-grey eyes - Christmas dress


Lena - Lena30 - Blue eyes - Christmas dress


Robe en coton - BL-C385